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Jumbo Jacket

49.990 Ft
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: Spencerpolo-since-2007
Szállítási díj: Ingyenes


Kép: Név: Méret: Sorrend: Elérhetőség: Ár: Kosárba
Jumbo Jacket
Size: S
Utolsó 2 db raktáron
49.990 Ft
Jumbo Jacket
Size: M
Utolsó 2 db raktáron
49.990 Ft
Jumbo Jacket
Size: L
Utolsó 2 db raktáron
49.990 Ft
Jumbo Jacket
Size: XL
Utolsó 2 db raktáron
49.990 Ft
Jumbo Jacket
Size: XXL
Utolsó 1 db raktáron
49.990 Ft
Jumbo Jacket
Size: 3XL
Utolsó 1 db raktáron
49.990 Ft


Be among the first to own the best movie replica yet:
The Jumbo Jacket!



The Jumbo jacket - Scrolling down you can read about:

The sizes of the jacket


Shopping process


And free shipping




"First thing you gonna have to do is shave!"




When you put it on, you immediately feel like you are standing at the docks, waiting to get a job, or meet with Kirby...

Jumbo Jacket




"Simply the Best!!!!!
Andrea Mosca" - 2020. 09. 10.



Let's make sure it fits!

You can measure the Jumbo jacket's size from the tag to the bottom and armpit. Just put one of your sweaters on the floor, and you can easily measure your size.

The sizes are in centimeters.


"Size? Not for me please! Come on, what size you is? Ah, X-X-X-X-Large":


Width 64 66 68 70 73 75
Height 68 70 72 73 74 76
Sleeve-lenght 63 65 67 67 68 72




Use one of your sweaters and measure it this way:


Jumbo jacket size


What happens if you choose the wrong size?

Write to us (info@spencerpolo.hu), and we will send a replacement. You'll have send back te Jumbo Jacket and pay 25 Eur for the next shipping.

Feel free to try on the Jumbo jacket, because how would you know if it's right size or not? (just don't go jogging in it) If you plan to give it as a birthday present, thus only discover after 30 days that the size is wrong, don't panic. We are here to help, you don't have to spoil the surprise for this.


Let's order one! Scroll up!



"Now! Why didn't you tell me there is a car to jack?"

Jacket from the Crime Busters movie, although it's less dirty and worn than in the movie.

("Who would have dreamed that underneath these filthy, stinking rags, are hiding two of our top agents?!")


"The Jumbo Jacket arrived fast, and it's of perfect quality. Wearing this I can finally say "this is a holdup". It shows, that it's made by fans, for fans. Andras Kepiro" - 2018.10.15




Summary of the most important infos

- Jumbo Jacket is that relic, which puts you among the TOP fans immediately!

- The number of people who envy you will increase, you better prepare! :)

- If you order it now, you can wear it within a week. Your friends will be jealous for sure.

- You deserve this jacket, a unique touch in your everyday life - a reward of happiness everyday, when you put it on. :)


"- How is it going?

- Kind of a nice day, isn't it?

- Very nice. Pretty hot though...

- He is right. Hot at all!

- May be hot your jacket, why don't you try on this one? Last work.

- Are you from the looney, any chance?

- Noo, noo. Nooo...." :)




This is what we (we fans) were waiting for since 2009, and finally, after three years of perfecting it is finally completed!
The story of the JUMBO jacket:


Immediately after the start of the spencerpolo.hu, the third relic was the JUMBO jacket (2007).

It was developed by us from a riding sweater, and we were searching for the right colors.

The colors were right after all, but unfortunately the material was of low quality. The rubber parts and the decorative stripes only remotely resembled the original JUMBO jacket.

Moreover, the name was only screen printed to the backside, we were beginners.


This is how the old Jumbo Jacket looked... But this is the past.


"- You know buddy, we got a lot of common. I'm Matt Kirby.

- I'm not.

- Thats a nice name! I mean short!  Why did you break that car?

- It's a question of toilet bowls..."




Few years later, around the Bud Spencer Festival of 2015, the second version was ready:

This was more detailed, with a material similar to the one in the movie.

On it's back the JUMBO text was embroidered, but unfortunately this time we couldn't get material in the right color 

Moreover it was a type of linen used for work clothes, which many of you didn't like (although it was a similar material you can see in the movie on Wilbur)


Jumbo Jacket - second version - is the past too :)




And now we should talk about the perfect replica Jumbo Jacket!

- About the one which we worked on for 3 years to make it the way it is:

- It has the same decorative stripes like the ones in the movie

- It is made from material of the same color

- It is durable,

Warm, waterproof jacket material (softshell, if you are familiar with these things)

- With embroidered JUMBO title on it's back

- Even the gauffer, the gauffering is the same (bulletproof...)

- To say it plainly: If you want to be like Wilbur Walsh from the Crime Busters, THIS JUMBO Jacket is the perfect choice!


Any chance to do something for picking up some change?


This Jumbo Jacket 100 made in Hungary, best in quality!


"What do you mean nothing doing? A ship just come in. You got all your guys are on job. I can unload it all by myself if you want."




Your friends tell you how cool your jacket is, and they want to know where you got it?


- We know that in secret You long for this too. Surely, the quality, the speed is important too - but we will take care of those, we guarantee that we are as fast as the right hand of Bomber :)

+ at least from spring to fall it is clear what you should wear - we even save time for You! :)


If you don't get this jacket, you won't stand out of the crowd, they won't reach out to you, telling how cool your jacket is...

+ If you miss out on the JUMBO jacket, it will be a question what to wear for a night party, or for a full day of work.


Would you really want that? The JUMBO Jacket yes, but not the dilemma!




Who am I to put a package together for You?


I was a simple fan too when I started. I bought my first t-shirt in 2004. But in 2007 I wanted a t-shirt, what hasn't existed yet, so I opened a shop.

I walked a long way to find the best quality in production, material and services following your feedback.

I've had long negotiations with Bud Spencer and his family, until finally:

Today, we are Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's Offical Shop! The only in Hungary!


Terence Hill - Vince Kneipp - Spencerpolo.hu




The steps of purchase

1. Choose the correct size and fill out the form to place your order.

2. Push the "Let' order the Jacket!" button

3. If you want to order in different sizes, then you have to order each Jumbo Jacket separately

4. You will get an email confirmation of your order

5. Then we give your package to the  GLS courier - you will get an email about that too

6. After you get the email about that, the courier will deliver your relic with lightning speed!

If you stuck, click here and write to us: info@spencerpolo.hu




"I've waited for an original JUMBO jacket for a long time. I looked at the previous jackets in the webshop, but they weren't the right ones for me. But what I got from you now perfectly fulfilled my needs. Thank you! -Bence Asboth"-2017. 11. 21.

Scroll up for ordering!



100 % satisfaction guarantee

You 've certainly seen this before, so you now how it goes:

If you are not satisfied with the ordered product:

send it back to us and we give back the full price, no questions asked.

Naturally, experience shows that when you tell us, there are multiple solutions to any problem, and You can decide which one to choose.

This is like putting your money into a deposit, until you see if you like the jacket.

If there is anything you don't like, just say so.




"The Jumbo jacket arrived. My son is really happy about it, my woman is also satisfied with the quality, so I got the task to thank you the favor. "You thank him, your voice is deeper..." :D So we thank you, everything is fine." -2015. 11. 12.




Free shipping

We deliver the jacket door to door within the EU (and England) for free.


“Red Foxes of Okeechoabee? Yeah, and it was a great team too!”


Scroll up for ordering!



JUMBO jacket Bud Spencer Crime Busters

"I won't  write a long letter like Soffronia, I just attach an image... :) Regards, Gyula Toth" - 2018. 03. 02.




Things fans usually ask:


"Kirby, why are the jackets so expensive?"

- We use the best, most durable materials - it should rather be expensive, but nobody could tell us that we make low quality products. 

- You can always reach out to us, we are here from 2007, and we plan on staying for a long time ;)

- The 100% of the JUMBO jacket is made in Hungary, only the material comes from abroad. Not made in China...

- This way 9 people can get a part time job when you order a jacket.


"I could buy it any other time, why should I buy it right now?"


We shouldn't fool ourselves: the JUMBO jacket has always been a scarce product, and even now we cannot make as many as needed...




Can you trust us?

Bud Spencer's son, Giuseppe Pedersoli- If Bud's family trusts us, you can too :)

But you know, you shouldn't buy it for me, It will sell out anyways (I know it from experience).

You should buy it for YOURSELF, for your own good. The people around you will be happier and your days as well! 




But we shouldn't be the ones to tell you what our services and relics are like; You should rather read what the fans say about us:

"Hi Kirby! Fantastic boys, fantastic! Unbelieveable!!! All have been take care. The uniform is beautiful! I just don't know how do i look better... like this, or... like this? I know, Iknow. I should take it off. Anyway, the GLS arrived – very elegant... -, they called first, that they have to deliver a very important package.

When opened, immediately seen the X-X-X-Xtra large surprise: finding one is difficult, but two?! And such a short notice…!!! Very thanks, nice Cousins! Starting on the personal gift, and the stickers, well let me say it…ohm…its, its, ohm… No adjective I can find. Take car 11, go back to work!

I'm leaving and I hope I will see you again, Peter Gulyas" – 2017. 08. 31.

Scroll up for ordering!

How does one who has a webshop, orders on the internet?

If I have to summarize it in one word: FAST And why? Because I know It has no risks involved.

I know what examinations those who accepts credit cards go through constantly (i. e. frequently)

Moreover, I know that how easily these payments can be canceled at my bank even one or more days after purchase, if any problem occurs.

As for the products, I know that I can send them back anytime, if I find any problems with it. All the webshops are bound to pay back the full price. In this case the only thing that disturbs me is when this process goes slowly or without proper communication. For this reason, we pay extra attention to this.

I confess that among other Bud Spencer fan shops we are only on the third place. (Bud spencer Offical and the shop in Germany are bigger in size), but for this reason we are more inclined to pay more attention to you, to make you satisfied. Because we cannot afford to make any mistake. For us every fan matters. You too cousin!

Have questions? Write here: info@spencerpolo.hu - we answer every second workday ;)


"From approx. 30 euros I can make a similar one, or for even less."- Gabor

- Cousin, I think you can disprove that by yourself. Nonetheless, I write down some things to show how that jacket would look like which Gabor from facebook makes from 30 euros:

- You will need a good pattern, this cannot be measured in money. Simply, you won't be able to make a pattern which matches the jacket in the movies. At least not from 30 euros.

- Then you 'll have to embroider the backside, or is won't be like the original.

- It is not enough that wearing it you feel like Wilbur Walsh, the jacket should also be made out of quality material. Our JUMBO jacket is made from a waterproof, windproof warm material, like the jackets used for hiking :)

This way it is not even that expensive...





Are you still here Sam?! Scroll up for ordering!


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5.990 Ft
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